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Welcome to Investment Property USA, an Investment Property Company located in Silicon Valley, CA, helping Investors buy/sell assets locally and nationally.

We help Investors buy/sell Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, and Fourplex Properties, along with Apartments of 5 or more units in Silicon Valley, and the 9 County Bay Area of California.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Our process is simple. Our EXTENSIVE DATABASE of over 5,800 (and growing) Santa Clara County Owners/Investors, allows us to MARKET INTERNALLY within our own Data Base (along with local MLS when requested). We match the “DEALS” (the Property) with the “DOLLARS” (the Investor). Drives our competition crazy… and our clients love the outcome!

We are also on the forefront of the rapidly CHANGING PARADIGM of Real Estate investing taking hold nationwide….the process of identifying and purchasing assets in EMERGING MARKETS ANYWHERE, riding the “appreciation wave,” then selling and moving on to the next EMERGING MARKET….BEFORE the inevitable downturn that YOU KNOW IS COMING!

In other words….GO WHERE the money is, BUY WHEN you’ll MAKE MONEY, SELL BEFORE you LOSE MONEY….hence our company motto… “LIVE ANYWHERE-INVEST EVERYWHERE.”

Thanks in advance for the OPPORTUNITY to assist you......

J.C. Chadband Broker/Owner 

We never share your name or email

We never share your name or email

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Seller Jeff Harbutte Receives His Escrow Check From Broker
J.C Chadband Upon the Sale of His Fourplex