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      What's the #1 reason you hire an agent to help you sell your property? And's not because they drive a fancy car, drop off nice calendars in your neighborhood, your kids go to the same school, and they are a "friendly person"'s because of their NEGOTIATING SKILLS! And if that's NOT your criteria, your missing the boat and LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE WHEN YOU SELL!

      You see, you only get ONE CHANCE to sell your property! You CAN'T come back and do it again! And if you hire somebody who CAN'T NEGOTIATE THEIR WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG, your ship is sunk before it even leaves the harbor!

       That's why a GOOD AGENT is like a GOOD LAWYER! Were your HIRED GUN! You got your $200 and hour Lawyers and your $500 and hour Lawyers, right? Our agents are like the $500 an hour Lawyers, because they are TRAINED TO NEGOTIATE, and drain every dollar possible out of  your potential buyers bank account, and move it to YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

       We "rest our case" and eagerly await your call to interview us for the job as YOUR HIRED GUN.....





JC Chadband
JC Chadband is the Broker/Owner of Investment Property USA, founded in 2012 and located in Silicon Valley California (Santa Clara County). Chadband was previously a Top Producer for Remax Intl in the Valley. C... Read More
Office: 408-427-3626408-427-3626
Cell: 408-836-3665408-836-3665

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