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Current Emerging Markets


        To become a "true believer"of the new Real Estate Investing paradigm shift of "Live Anywhere-Invest Everywhere" and investing in Emerging Markets WHEREVER THEY APPEAR, you must embrace 2 simple concepts...


      Concept Number One: The "Holy Grail" of real estate investing is NOT cash is APPRECIATION. Ideal appreciation is typically found in Emerging Markets. Massive wealth can be generated in a shorter amount of time by investing in Emerging Markets and "riding the appreciation wave." Leveraged appreciation, or what we call "PRO-ACTIVE APPRECIATION" NOT cash flow, is what creates Real estate Millionaires. Cash flow is simply a by-product of the investment.


       Multi-Family properties if 5 units or more is the perfect vehicle to ride the "appreciation wave," because unlike single family homes and other classes of real estate, apartments present the opportunity for Pro-Active Appreciation based on the amount of Net Operating Income ( NOI) they generate.   


       Concept Number Two: They key to investing in Emerging Markets is TIMING! NOT Tactics and Techniques as you have been led to believe for years by late night TV Gurus. Emerging Markets are about "getting in to make money" and "getting out before you lose money." Its not about blindly investing in a particular market solely for cash flow. Buying and hold for 30 years, at the mercy of  "the market" that rises and falls, and your just along for the ride! We believe in selecting an Emerging Market based on the potential for both market and pro-active appreciation, ride the appreciation wave, get in/get out in 3-7 years. Then take your gain, and move on to the next Emerging Market.


Finding The Emerging Market


       We employ two outside companies as a resource for market data on a quarterly basis in helping us monitor and identify Emerging Markets. In addition to these two outside resources, we internally track quarterly a number of variables in markets nationwide to determine the best Emerging Market opportunities. 


        Forecasting and predicting market strength or weakness is a difficult task. Numerous variables can have a major or minor impact on a particular market at a particular time. No two markets are the same. Historical data (6 years or more) and forecast data ( 1 year or more) are utilized. Although ALL variables are considered, our focus begins with vacancy rates. Vacancy rates impact rent rates, and the ability or inability to raise rents effects value. 


       We combine our own internal research along with the data of our two outside vendors to identify these Emerging Market opportunities. There are 5 "Market Cycles" in every market. The key is identifying the correct cycle, WHEN and WHERE to invest, and WHEN to exit and move on to the next Emerging Market.



(As of First Quarter 2020)


        We see the "appreciation wave" continue to swell in 3 "Sub Markets" in Washington, Nevada, and Idaho. We expect to make assets available for purchase for our investors by the end of the 3rd quarter 2019 in these 3 Emerging Markets.



        Emerging Market Locations and ACTUAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY OPPORTUNITIES are COMING SOON BELOW.          Opportunities COME AND GO BASED AVAILABILITY. If NONE currently posted below....CALL US to be added to our "EMERGING MARKET PROPERTY E-MAIL ALERT" to be INSTANTLY UPDATED! Contact us anytime to discuss PROPERTY DETAILS.


"Live Anywhere-Invest Everywhere"