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"Off Market" Opportunities

          What is an "Off Market" opportunity, and how do you benefit as an Investor?

          We as a Company provide a simple service....BECAUSE WE HAVE OVER 5,800 INVESTORS IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA, IN OUR DATABASE, WE ARE ABLE TO EFFORTLESSLY MATCH "DEALS" (Properties) WITH "DOLLARS" ( The Money..Buyers).

          These are OPPORTUNITIES not advertised, nor placed on the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service), thus NOT TYPICALLY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. 

          As a Company, and depending on the situation, we have enough information to CONNECT THE SELLERS WITH THE BUYERS.

          Since we are in contact with multiple Investors on a daily basis, we are able to continually ADD to this list of "WANTS" and NEEDS." 

          Also, EVERY OPPORTUNITY you see here came from  an Investor, either Buyer or Seller, that WE PERSONALLY SPOKE TO FACE TO FACE, EYEBALL TO EYEBALL. This information did not come from some "pie in the sky" random phone call. 

          So if YOU, or a friend, see any opportunities here that interest us anytime at 888-502-0374, and we will do our level best TO MAKE A DEAL WORK FOR YOU!

September 2016 

           Seller/Buyer in Mountainview. Own Fourplex in San Jose, Rent Controlled. Approx value $1,100,000 to $1,200,000. Wants to 1031 Exchange into Fourplex or 5+ Units in Morgan Hill or Gilroy...Non-Rent Controlled. 

          * Seller, owns 2 Fourplex's on Roundtable in San Jose.  Rent Controlled. Looking to sell 1. Best condition Fourplex on the street. Out of area seller. 

          *Investor/Buyer from Saratoga. Looking to purchase 50-200 door Apartment, either Bay Area, or out of state. Primary focus is CASH FLOW. 

          * Investor/Buyer from Saratoga. Looking to purchase Mobile Home Park in Bay Area. Approximate price range $5,000,000-$8,000,000. Would prefer South Bay or Peninsula area. 

          * Investor/Buyer from Saratoga. Looking to purchase Apartment. Approx price range $5,000,000-$10,000,000. would prefer "Value Play" if possible, not afraid to do work to increase NOI. Rent Control "OK", depending on the numbers. This investor is also looking to purchase Fourplex in "decent" neighborhood, price range approx. $1,000,000.

          * Investor/Buyer from Saratoga. Looking to purchase Fourplex or 5+ Unit Apartment, approx price range $1,200,000-$1,700,000. Would prefer near San Jose State College. Rent Control "OK." Can purchase Non-Contingent with 35% down.  

          * Investor Seller/Buyer from Saratoga. Wants to 1031 Exchange existing Rent Controlled 25 unit and 12 unit Apartments, into Non Rent Controlled Apartments preferably in San Jose area or South Bay within 20 minute drive from Cupertino. 

          *Investor Seller/Buyer from San Jose. Wants to 1031 Exchange existing Rent Controlled 8 Unit and 6 Unit Apartments in San Jose, into Non Rent Controlled Apartments, preferably in San Jose area. May want to do Reverse Exchange.           

                                                                  January 2017

        * Investor/Seller in Ripon. Has 3 best condition Fourplex's on Roundtable Dr in San Jose. Wants to sell all 3. Wants to 1031 exchange into property in Ripon area.

March 2017

       * Investor/Seller. Has "Historical Building" downtown San Jose near SJS Campus. Currently 5 tenants, but currently investigating possibility of expanding to more units. Seller wants to 1031 exchange into Multi Unit, local approx. $1.5m to 1.6m..."Historical Building" is exempt from current ARO rent control.