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San Jose Rent Control Solutions

If you took the time to read the article on our Web Site at, entitled “How San Jose Rent Control Cripples Future Value” you would be well aware of the numerous restrictions imposed on San Jose Landlords since 2016 by the San Jose Housing Department. They include a "Tenant Protection Ordinance,"a privacy invasive "Property Registration" program, and recently, a new "Income Discrimination" regulation when dealing with Section 8 tenant applicants.

Rent control is like a virus. And it's spreading throughout California like a wildfire. The Rent Control activists, and gullible politicians, will not rest until the entire state of California is rent controlled.

Over time, these restrictions will eventually consume profits, and sink the future market value of your rental property. It's just a matter of time. And you probably DON'T WANT TO BE THE LAST ONE OUT THE DOOR! So HOW can you protect what's left of your investment?

We Recommend The Following “Solutions”

(And Our Company Can Assist In Implementing Every One)

List with us, and do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange into an "Emerging Market" OUT OF STATE. Ever think about getting OUT of the "Landlord Business" and INTO the "Investor Business"? Here's you chance to transition to a property with a possible higher return, and be FREE OF RENT CONTROL!

We as a company typically do business in 2-3 "Emerging Markets" that research tells us already have, or will have, a good "upside" in the future. We provide the resources, the "boots on the ground" in the Emerging Markets, from local Brokers, to Lenders, Appraisers, Property Inspectors, ect.

We have everything and everyone needed to implement the process. We do all the work for you, because "the table is already set." The transition is fast, easy and convenient for you. Go to 
"Current Emerging Markets" at our Website for details.

List with us, and Trade Your Rental Property for a Vacation or Retirement Property Did you know you can sell your investment rental property, and reinvest the gain, tax deferred, to purchase your Dream Vacation Home you've been wanting?

Using the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, you can buy that vacation home NOW! For the first 2 years you must rent out your new vacation home a minimum of 14 days per year.           

YOUR personal use is limited to 14 days yearly, or 10% of the actual days you rent it out. But if you abide by these, and other requirements as spelled out by the IRS in Revenue Procedure 2008-2016, after 2 years, the dream vacation home is yours to use as often as you like without any more requirements!

You can buy it NOW! At low interest rates. Get the peace of mind KNOWING YOU ALREADY HAVE A VACATION HOME WAITING FOR YOU! "PRICELESS" they say. And just how long have you been putting this off?

List with us, and do a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange into a NON RENT CONTROLLED property in the Bay Area. We handle everything from start to finish, and you have 6 months to close on your replacement property. This process allows you to roll ALL of your equity into a non-restricted property and defer Capital Gains tax. We work with several 1031 Exchange Companies, and the process may sound complicated and time consuming, but it’s not. Because WE do all the work for you from start to finish.

Sell Outright. Cash Out. No More Landlord Business! This might not sound as radical as it appears. Were just the company for the job! List was us, and we will promote your property with the over 5,200 Investors/Rental Owners in Santa Clara County to find you a buyer!

Look, you know and we know, government regulation, rent control, and tenants rights activist are going to make life worst for landlords in the years to come. And its only going to get worse!

You've HAD A GOOD RUN! Time to take your chips off the table, while you still can? And start enjoying the time you have left?

List with us, sell, and re-invest with our affiliated company Apartment Syndication USA. Are tenants, termites and toilets killing you? Take the next step up the Real Estate Investment ladder. Go from being an ACTIVE LANDLORD 24/7, to a PASSIVE INVESTOR…who’s ONLY job is to walk to the mailbox every month to pick up a check! Check and go to “Apartment Syndication USA” for details!

So There You Have It....

Some “Solutions” To Consider,

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        The preceding information is being offered as “information only” and scenarios mentioned are hypothetical, and in no way shape or form to be construed by the readers or potential investors as legal or tax advice. Readers and potential investors are strongly encouraged to consult their legal or tax advisors for legal or tax advice BEFORE investing in real estate either with Investment Property USA or other entities.

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