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"Watch what a man does, not what he says."
- Will Rogers 


        I have had several previous experiences dealing with Realtors, and had a generally negative impression regarding the aggressive and sometimes pressuring attitudes I had encountered.  I was very surprised to find that J.C was extremely easy to work with in all ways.  He was very responsive to all concerns I had about the sale.

- Elizabeth Cluff


       When we first talked to J.C, we were impressed by his positive and friendly manner.  We did not feel pressured to make decisions.  He arranged for repairs and inspections on our home, supervised their completion, and kept us continually updated.  As a result, our home sold in one day for more than the asking price.

- Paul & Jo Ann Wilson 

        J.C lived up to all our expectations. He listened to what we were saying, and was never overbearing.  My husband and I have bought and sold many houses in our lives, but this was the most positive experience I can recall.  

- Deborah Jackson 

          My wife and myself would like to express our profound appreciations for the job J.C Chadband did in selling our home.  His expertise in recognizing the enhancements we needed to consider before placing our home on the market paid off in big dividends.  We can't even begin to list the numerous action items we dumped on him, and with every challenge, he simply said, "no problem - you can count on me." And we did, and he never missed a beat.

- Ken & Pam Davis 

      J.C went above the call of duty when he helped us close our sale and purchase. He willingly did everything we asked, no matter how hard, dirty, or trivial.

- Rick Bottomly